Tony Boloney’s & Michael Hauke Supporter Don Guardian looses Atlantic City, NJ Mayoral Campaign

As we have said many times before, while Atlantic City , NJ was dieing then mayor Don Guardian was running all over the state of New Jersey to support business outside of Atlantic City, NJ.

Case in point is that Don Guardian traveled over six hours to do a grand opening for a Tony Bononey’s Pizzeria in Hoboken for co-owners Gregory Hauke and his son Michael Hauke.

Michael Hauke did an interview with the New Yorker Magazine on 09-07-2015 where he described his customers in Atlantic City as “shitbags, crackheads, hustlers, and pimps.”

In that same New Yorker article he also made the racist comment that “All the white kids are junkies.”

This is the same Michael Hauke who broke from the organized attempt by the Atlantic City business community, known as the Atlantic City Alliance,   to unite and promote Atlantic City as a community of businesses working together to offer a great vacation spot. It was organized as the DOAC campaign.

In a Press of Atlantic City article on August 20, 2012     Michael Hauke says that for him “it’s a matter of capitalizing on that buzz” created by the DOAC campaign.  Basically saying , true to Michael Hauke’s business philosophy , that he doesn’t want to participate with the Atlantic City Alliance but wants to ride on their coat tails for only his own benefit. 

As the DOAC campaign failed , so is Tony Boloney’s Pizzeria in Atlantic City, NJ .   The property is in extremely run down condition, with boarded up and broken windows , a front door of old worn plywood and blue tarp, etc.  All that can be seen from the recent picture below.

In the New Yorker Magazine Michael Hauke talks about having Section 8 tenant problems in the apartments above the Tony Boloney’s Pizzeria on Oriental Ave., in Atlantic City, NJ , but the truth is no one wanted to live in these apartments because of their deplorable conditions.

It also should be noted there is a BOYCOTT OF TONY BOLONEY’S PIZZERIA’S IN ATLANTIC CITY AND HOBOKEN .  Click here for more information.